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Tips On How to Take Best Care of Your Dog


Dogs are one of the best complements to any happy and caring family. They are truly loyal and give genuine affection to its family. However, proper care should also be given to it in return, both physically or emotionally to ensure they are happy and healthy. There are some tips that should be taken into consideration to ensure you have a happy relationship between you and your furry friend.


To begin with, basic meals are a priority. Dogs should be fed properly with the right dietary ingredients as well as correct quantity. Its recommended to check for the label before purchasing the food so as to distinguish the real product rich in protein from the filler. The top -quality dry foods give a well-balanced diet and can mixed with water or broth for easy eating. You can also seek the right guidance from a veterinarian regarding the right diet of your dog since they are of varied species and sizes.


Dietary goes hand in hand with the feeding time. Set a feeding time schedule for the dogs and follow it strictly. Keep in mind that dogs also become obese and be vulnerable to diseases such as diabetes, cancer and heart related diseases, and without a proper timetable they may end up with health related problems. However, the size and age of your dog influence the schedule. For instance, puppies, eight to twelve weeks old should have four meals a day, while the ones a bit grown up to one year have two meals a day. If you happen to be uncertain about the feeding time of your canine companion, do not hesitate to seek the guidance of the veterinarian.


In addition, do not give your dog treats and food stuffs that are not meant for it. Food stuff like chocolate, avocado, raisins, bread dough, onions among other types of food since they may be hazardous to its health. Be strict regardless of their puppy dog eyes when they are looking at you. On the other hand, plenty of water is what the dog needs for easier digestion. Learn how to calculate dog age.


Finally, vaccination at PawCastle is also important. Occasionally, your veterinarian will advise you on the diseases that are prone to attack your dog in certain areas and what steps to take to ensure they are safe and healthy. Vaccination is a typical exercise for all dogs and is carried out annually or after three years. Indeed, health should be a major priority for your dog.