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How To Take Care of Elderly Dogs


Senior dogs have special needs just like elderly people. As much as anyone can easily tell this, it is not very easy to determine when a dog should be considered elderly. A simple tip to help you know that your dog has reached the age where it can be considered to be senior is considering the breed of the dog. Some breeds enter an advanced age when they are 5 years while others can remain active until they are 10 years or more. With age comes the risk of chronic illnesses especially arthritis. There are other kinds of degenerative diseases dogs suffer from too.


Dental diseases are also common among the aged dogs. These kinds of diseases can start as early as 2-3 years. If you do not put in place measures to handle such problems, you will have much to deal with once the dog becomes senior. Losing teeth is one of the worst things which can happen to your dog because it will suffer greatly when it comes to eating. When it is limited to a liquid diet because it cannot chew, you will incur a lot in getting it nutritious food.


Obesity is also another problem with aging dogs. Activity reduces with age and you will find the dog is not interested in being outdoors or playing. Therefore, it is important you find activities to stimulate it to get out of the bed or the seat and exercise. Scheduling regular appointments with your veterinarian is important if you are dealing with an aging dog. It should be examined once or twice a year especially if its health seems to be going downhill. You will be able to catch anything serious early and deal with it before it becomes a big issue. Read more here!


Ask the veterinary officer to conduct a thorough physical examination as well as tests. Just like in human beings, illness can exist in a dog without the usual symptoms. The physical exams help to pick out warning signs before they worsen. A high-quality diet is essential for a dog depending on its nutritional status. There are diets which are specifically made for these dogs and it is great if you find a suitable one for your pooch. However, consult with your veterinarian or a nutritionist who has worked with dogs for a significant period for advice. Even though it seems like too much effort, you will be happy at the end when you realize you are helping your dog to lead a quality life at old age. Visit our website if you have questions.